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Does Premier Kitchen offer serving size guidelines we can use when serving our kids? 


Can I substitute Menu items to better fit the needs of my group? 
What type of fundraising and events do you do? 

Yes, substitution items are always available. Whether you need a vegetarian meal, or simply want to swap a menu out for something different, we will make it happen for you!

Premier Kitchen will do an event for each school, once a year. Whether it is donating items for an open house or catering an event! We believe it is important to give back to the community that we service.

Yes, we inform each of our centers exactly how much of each menu item an individual should get. We provide a portion guide and serving utensils to go with the guide to guarantee an easy and appropriate serving process.

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Premier Kitchen has been providing quality food service to Charter Schools, Private Schools, Child Care Centers, Senior Centers, and Frats since 1992.

Our Goal at Premier Kitchen is to provide each customer with the highest quality food and service at the lowest possible prices. We are here to assist you in whatever your school needs in order to insure the success of your food service program!

We deliver hot nutritional meals to your location ready to serve!

Our menus are developed based on USDA guidelines.


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